Climbing Training At Home - What Is Best?

20th March 2020
20th Mar 2020

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This is a huge topic and one that we'll be doing plenty more on going forward! Due to the current total (or partial) lockdown on many of our lives, we're all stuck in the same situation - how on earth to train at home if we don't have access to a climbing wall?! In this video, we look at a number of questions posed by everyone on the FB community group and our social media pages. Essentially, this is an "Ask Lattice" but it's extra jammed packed with content and very directed to one particular subject matter: home training. We wish you all the very best in adapting and coping with the current situation and rest assured the Lattice Team will be here cranking out as much supporting material as we can get done! If you need a "home only" training plan, just check out our website :-)

1:22 - Question 1: What do you need to be aware of when adapting normal climbing training to home training?

3:30 - Question 2: Are pinch/crimp blocks effective for training?

5:00 - Question 3: What do you think about active fingerboarding?

7:38 - Question 4: What is the best grip position to use?

10:05 - Question 5: What do you think of dumbbell forearm curls?

17:05 - Question 6: How should you use shoulder engagement exercises?

20:16 - Question 7: How do you transition from one fingerboard session a week to multiple sessions a week?

20:40 - Question 8: Are door frames suitable for deadhangs?

22:30 - Question 9: Which training board is best?

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