Lattice 6 Minute Core Workout: Floor Based!

17th March 2020
17th Mar 2020


Many of us find ourselves with the time and motivation to complete a core workout - but not always the fanciest of equipment! We've put together a 6 minute "Home core workout" routine that you can do with almost zero equipment. You just need a bit of floor space and a couple of suitable weights! This routine can be completed in a continuous cycles to create 6-12-18-24 minute work blocks, depending on how well conditioned you are. One thing to point out with core training, is that you want to always try to keep a variety of planes of movement and work the entire core! A good quality, all-round routine that will serve you year in, year out, is one that stresses the abdominals, obliques and back. They're all an essential part of the climbing equation! 

Key exercises:

1. Dish tuck (vary arm position for intensity)

2. Weighted twists (really extend the full range of movement!)

3. Weighted sit ups (change weight or arm position)

4. Marching plank (keep those hips level!)

5. Dish variation (alter body angle for intensity)

6. Superman (most climbers will prefer elbows to the side)

This video is a little lead in to the next videos coming up later in the week - we've got a whole series on how to train at home!

Find out more about our Lattice Training Plans here:

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